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Insurance is one of the few commodities you pay for in the sincere hope you’ll never need it. When you do, it is after financial and property loss- usually intertwined- and TW’s claim service is a big reason policyholders have historically remained so loyal.

“I’d put our team up against any company our size,” says David Schweitzer, TW Vice President/Chief Claims Officer since 2002.  “We are fair and the tie goes to the insured.”

Schweitzer is understandably proud of TW’s solid record in settling claims, very few of which are challenged as unfair settlements.

There are three in-house adjusters under Schweitzer, in addition to the Claims Unit Manager, Isaac Graham. Independent adjusters are utilized by the company in specified geographical areas. Independents are self-sufficient and are not company employees, but they are tried, true and reliable with most having long-standing relationships with TW. A number of the adjusters have draft authority from the company, allowing them to write a check to the client, or agent for the client, literally at the scene of the loss.

New claims are monitored in-house by Graham, but true to the TW system, they usually flow through the underwriter first.

“This is really unique to the industry,” Schweitzer said of the role of underwriters at TW. “Underwriters in the market generally do not deal with claims, but the agents know the underwriters best and the claims process is built to do it this way".

The native of Fleetville, PA, Schweitzer has been in the business since 1982, his association with TW starting in 1998 as an independent adjuster. Of the approximate 2,200 claims filed last year with the TW Group of Companies, Schweitzer says that close to 50 percent were handled by in-house adjusters.

His assessment of response to TW’s claims service is summed up in two words: “overwhelmingly positive.” Policyholders tend to stick with TW because of its emphasis, once the report of a loss is submitted, on responding justly and promptly.


Here’s How to File a Claim…

Please follow the sequential steps below to file your new claim.

  1. Contact your independent agent during business hours, and they will start the process by filing a Loss Notice form through TW’s centralized claims dispatch.

  2. If you experience an EMERGENCY claim after hours, weekends or holidays, call 570-746-9545.

Did You Know?

The incentive for agents to deal with Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company is the personalized relationships between agents and underwriters. The underwriters know the agents and the agents understand the risks in their areas," says Todd E. Salsman, TW's Chief Operating Officer (COO). Jay W. Chadwick, Chairman/President/Chief Executive Officer, credits "disciplined underwriting and easier access to decision making" in this simple but effective approach.