oak treeTW might be described as a durable oak tree, with many limbs representing a multitude of risks that TW assumes as an insurer. Everything sprouts from three main branches. Visualizing each of these sturdy branches as a type of coverage, they would be labeled home, business and farm.

Each branch includes appropriate umbrella coverage for that extra protection you may need as a homeowner, businessperson or someone engaged in the many offshoots of agriculture from the full-time family farm to hobby farming. Sprouting from each of those branches are rentals, which includes those paying rent for their living or business space, as well as property owners doing the renting.

The tree stands as a fitting symbol of TW, and among the key components of its commercial coverage are forest products and the businesses that make them possible.


picturesque barnYour Farm…

More than a century ago, TW (see Our History) took root when a group of farmers combined their resources to protect themselves from accidents and the forces of nature, notably the ravages of fire, by forming a mutual fire insurance company. Even though agriculture has changed greatly in the intervening 140 years, TW continues to serve those who rely on agriculture for an income. Farmowners’ insurance, depending on the package you choose, covers everything from the buildings, equipment, crops and livestock on your property related to farming to liability risks and personal possessions.

What haven’t changed since TW’s historic beginning in 1874 are the risks from “adverse natural events” that are so prevalent in agriculture compared to other businesses. You’ll find that TW’s proven formula of underwriters teaming with independent agents intimately familiar with their clients and communities translates into claims resolved quickly and fairly.


home signYour Home…

Your home, whether owned or rented, is more than just a place to live. It’s a sanctuary, a major investment and center of family life where you keep personal belongings. TW recognizes the importance of your home and our underwriters work with local agents to bring you the most affordable coverage based on an analysis of “perils” involved.

Our coverage packages protect your home, as well as loss and damage to other structures on the property, and we also cover damage to personal property and help you with additional living expenses if you are displaced from your home. TW goes above and beyond the traditional homeowners’ policies by evaluating your unique circumstances, whether it’s a home still under construction, one that is tenant-occupied or a seasonal dwelling. We also protect you, the homeowner, by offering options for personal liability coverage.


flower shopYour Business…

TW covers the businesses that are so important to your community and neighborhood. Relying on local agents who know their turf guarantees that our underwriters appreciate not just the risks of doing business but all the strengths that make your business a positive and safe enterprise.

TW’s Neighborhood Program accents small- and mid-sized businesses, running the gamut from that three- or four-unit apartment building down the block to the corner convenience store. Among the industries toward which TW shows exceptional expertise are forest products and food services. The former may be tree farms or logging operations, and the latter encompasses restaurants, sub shops and even social and fraternal clubs.

Then there is specialty insurance, which could cover a seasonal hunting club, a campground or an afternoon wedding reception.

Did You Know?

Spoiled food in freezers and refrigerators are often NOT covered under homeowners policies, but exceptions abound from state to state. Coverage would be more likely if the source of the power outage is nearby, such as a line break. Check with your agent. (Insurance Information Institute)