TW’s Simple Approach Makes It Unique

A partnership between agents and underwriters is essentially the fuel that powers Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company (TW), incorporated in 1874.

TW makes its headquarters in Pennsylvania’s scenic Endless Mountains in the Susquehanna River community of Wyalusing. Specializing in underwriting and claims management, with programs marketed throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio, it is the mainstay of the Tuscarora Wayne Group of Companies, Inc. Also included in the parent group are the Keystone National Insurance Company and, most recently, the Lebanon Valley Insurance Company (LVI).

TW’s success formula is startling in its simplicity, relying on the personalized relationships between independent agents and in-house underwriters. This approach was highlighted by Best’s Review, one of the insurance industry’s premier magazines, in a 2003 article stating that TW underwriters are the wheels that move this business. In fact, Jay W. Chadwick, Chairman/President/Chief Executive Officer, credits “disciplined underwriting” and “easier access to decision-making” for TW’s clients as its leading strengths.

That personalized relationship between agents and underwriters allows the underwriter to be comfortable in the fact that agents know the risks and are familiar with the characters and reputations of the potentially insured. The job of the underwriter is to keep in touch and try “to grow as much as possible with the right agents.”

Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Todd E. Salsman says the TW approach can be explained in four words: “Right Agent, Right Account.” The key, he says, is making the underwriter “the main point of contact.”

TW insures all kinds of properties, including those whose risks make coverage from other insurers prohibitive. Although specific coverage options are many, the types of property, as explained elsewhere in more detail, are homesbusinesses and farms, supplemented by umbrella protection and plans for renters and owners of rental properties. Even special events, from community festivals to backyard weddings, are covered for loss and liability.

“They’re our front line folks. They are basically the sales force of our organization,” Brian K. Bolinger, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer, says of TW’s senior underwriters. “You would think all insurance companies would operate that way, but we are unique.”

Meet Our Management Team…

Jay W. Chadwick is the Chairman/President/Chief Executive Officer, with the following vice presidents serving on his team:

   Brian K. Bolinger, CPA, Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

   Daniel J. Borges, Vice President/Chief Information Officer

   Shelby W. Napoli, CPCU CEBS, Vice President/Chief Corporate Relations Officer/Corporate Secretary

   Todd E. Salsman, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

   David J. Schweitzer, Vice President/Chief Claims Officer

Members of the TW Board of Directors are: Scott T. Burgess, Jay W. Chadwick, Robert J. Griffin, Michael R. Klinefelter, R. Joseph Landy, Steven W. Moore, Andrew S. Ripic, III, Anthony J. Ventello, and Randy B. Williams.

Did You Know?

Spoiled food in freezers and refrigerators are often NOT covered under homeowners policies, but exceptions abound from state to state. Coverage would be more likely if the source of the power outage is nearby, such as a line break. Check with your agent. (Insurance Information Institute)